Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, asserts the necessity of economic restructuring amidst escalating Iran-Israel tensions to safeguard Indonesia’s investment climate.


Speaking in Jakarta on Tuesday (16/4), Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto emphasised the need for economic restructuring to ensure a stable investment climate against potential impacts of the Iran-Israel conflict. He underlined the importance of uninterrupted investment inflow, highlighting the implementation of the Job Creation Law, development of special economic zones, completion of national strategic projects, and simplification of investment permits as key strategies. 

Airlangga used the examples of gold and nickel to highlight commodities that could attract investors in the midst of geopolitical tensions. Due to its steady price, gold is considered as a secure investment in a world of uncertainty. Meanwhile, the price of nickel skyrocketed to US $18 thousand per ton.

Airlangga reaffirmed their commitment to managing both local and international economic challenges. Despite the current uncertainty, he emphasised the importance of maintaining national economic growth and completing important projects.

 In a meeting on Monday (15/4), he underlined the need to maintain market confidence and coordinated efforts with relevant authorities to mitigate escalation impacts. Furthermore, discussions with ambassadors of friendly nations focused on formulating anticipatory measures and coordinating fiscal and monetary policies for exchange rate control and budget deficit management.

The rising tensions between Iran and Israel escalated following Israel’s attack on the Consulate of Iran in Damascus, Syria (1/4), and Iran’s subsequent retaliation with ballistic missiles and drones towards Israel on Saturday (13/4).

Source: Antara News