In a dialogue with the Indonesian diaspora and university students in New Zealand, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin urged them to bring back knowledge acquired abroad for the advancement of Indonesia

Source: Secretariat of the Vice President

VICE President Ma’ruf Amin conveyed a message to some members of the Indonesian diaspora and students residing in New Zealand, urging them to maximise their learning experiences abroad and to utilise acquired knowledge for the development of Indonesia.

During a dialogue with approximately 300 Indonesian participants, Vice President Amin emphasised the importance of bringing back all gained knowledge to contribute to Indonesia’s progress.

He highlighted the significant contributions of Indonesian students studying in China to the development of high-speed train technology, inspiring confidence in the potential for similar advancements in Indonesia’s infrastructure.

Vice President Amin encouraged the Indonesian diaspora to embody the values of Indonesian culture, emphasising the importance of peace, tolerance, and respect for diversity wherever they reside.

He emphasised the significance of maintaining solidarity within the Indonesian community abroad and urged individuals to actively engage with their local communities while upholding a positive image of Indonesia.

Vice President Amin also called upon the Indonesian Embassy in New Zealand to ensure the equal treatment and protection of all Indonesian citizens residing in the country, fostering a sense of security and belonging.

In a symbolic gesture, Vice President Amin concluded the dialogue by leading all participants in singing the patriotic song “Bagimu Negeri” (To Thee, My Country), reminding everyone of their duty to dedicate themselves to the advancement of the nation.

The dialogue, attended by Ambassador Fientje Maritje S., embassy officials, and members of the Indonesian community and student organizations, served as a platform for fostering closer ties and collaboration among the Indonesian diaspora in New Zealand.

Source: Antara News