Batam’s international port adjusts with 14 extra voyages to accommodate the surge in passenger flow during the Chinese New Year holiday, ensuring smoother travel

In Batam, Riau Islands province, the Batam Center International Port is facilitating smoother travel experiences by offering 14 additional voyages during the 2024 Chinese New Year holiday period.

Operational manager of the international port, Nika Astaga, announced the decision to increase voyages to cater to the heightened influx of passengers from Singapore to Batam.

The port typically operates voyages on 83 ships, but in response to increased demand during the holiday season, additional voyages have been arranged to manage the surge in passenger arrivals.

Since Friday, 9 February 2024, passenger arrivals at the port have doubled compared to regular days, with over nine thousand passengers recorded arriving in Batam, signaling a significant increase in traffic.

Despite the surge in arrivals, departures have remained relatively normal, indicating a greater flow of inbound travelers compared to outbound ones.

As passenger numbers continue to rise, especially during the night, port authorities anticipate a peak in return flows starting on Monday, 12 February, as travellers begin their journey back from Batam.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by long queues during the holiday rush, port management has held coordinating meetings with stakeholders to address operational issues and ensure smoother passenger flow.

While some operational challenges persist, such as unpreparedness among certain stakeholders, port authorities are committed to evaluating shortcomings to enhance efficiency and avoid similar issues in the future, ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers during peak periods.

Source: Antara News