The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore facilitated the launch of “Bukan Cerpen Biasa” on 26th May 2024. It is a collection of short stories, including contributions from Indonesian migrant workers

THE writing talents behind Bukan Cerpen Biasa (that means Not Your Ordinary Collection of Short Stories) include contributions from Indonesian migrant workers. It was launched on Sunday 26th May 2024 and the event, facilitated by KBRI, was held to showcase the literary efforts of migrant workers who despite of their demanding 12-hour workdays are still able to find inspiration and time to pen stories they feel are important to share with others.

Expressing appreciation for the dedication of migrant workers, Deputy Ambassador of Indonesia to Singapore, Mr Djati Ismojo, praised their perseverance in pursuing artistic endeavours alongside their daily work.

Initiated by the Cultural and Educational Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, the book launch was a proud moment, Mr. Igak Satrya Wibawa also highlighted the creative achievements of Indonesian migrant workers.

Mr. Wibawa expressed his hope that the anthology would also serve as a source of inspiration for other migrant workers to continue sharing their stories and artistic talents through writing.

Meanwhile, Ms. Dewi Lubis, the main author and editor of the book, conveyed her pride in the publication of the short story collection, acknowledging the efforts needed to encourage and support the writers in completing their works.

Containing 31 short stories, eight of which were written by Indonesian migrant workers, Bukan Cerpen Biasa portrays the daily lives of migrant workers, reflecting their joys, sorrows, hopes, and struggles while earning a living in a foreign land.

Source: Antara News