The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) and the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) concluded their joint Coordinated Patrol Indosin (Corpat Indosin) 2024 in the Singapore Strait. This operation aimed to enhance maritime security and cooperation between the two nations.

The Indonesian and Singapore naval officers involved in the year-long Corpat Indosin border patrols programme (Source: Lantamal IV / Batam)

The Indonesian Navy and the Singapore Navy (RSN) jointly patrolled the waters bordering Indonesia and Singapore in the Coordinated Patrol Indonesia-Singapore (Corpat Indosin) 2024 which took place over a period of one year in the Singapore Strait.

Commander of Fleet Command I, Rear Admiral TNI Yoos Suryono Hadi, together with Commander of the Singapore Navy Maritime Security Command, Colonel Ng Xun Xi, opened Patkor Indosin 2023/2024 at the TNI AL Main Base Command Headquarters IV Batam, Riau Islands, Wednesday, July 3rd 2024.

According to Colonel Yoni Nova Kusumawan, Head of the Fleet Command I Naval Information Service, the coordinated patrols were conducted four times per period, following the agreement between the TNI AL and RSN. These patrols reflected the commitment of both nations to maintaining maritime security in their shared border waters.

In his address, Commander of Fleet Command I, Rear Admiral TNI Yoos Suryono Hadi, highligted that the coordinated patrol between Indonesia and Singapore was a form of cooperation between the two countries in maintaining maritime security in border waters.

Currently, the Indonesian Navy is conducting coordinated patrols with the Singapore Navy through Corpat Indosin-24. Corpat Indosin-24 is expected (the two countries, ed.) to be able to share ideas and the best solutions to comprehensively overcome maritime problems in the Singapore Strait,” said Rear Admiral TNI Yoos Suryono Hadi.

Indonesia and Singapore share territorial waters in the Singapore Strait. This strait, located north of Batam Island, is a busy waterway connected to the Malacca Strait.

The Sea Security Task Force of Fleet Command I oversaw the Coordinated Patrol Indonesia-Singapore (Indosin) 2023/2024, deploying two warships, KRI Golok-688 and KRI Krait-827, for the operation. Rear Admiral Anung Sutanto, Commander of Sea Security Task Force of Fleet Command I, confirmed their readiness to ensure the security of shipping lanes in the Singapore Strait and surrounding waters.

Source: Antaranews