Indonesians residing in Singapore actively participated in the presidential election today, with Ambassador Suryo Pratomo and Mdm. Noeri Widowati among the early voters at the Indonesian Embassy. The country’s 75-day campaign period ended on Saturday, culminating in a significant decision for Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

This morning, Ambassador Suryo Pratomo and Mdm. Noeri Widowati were among the early voters to cast their vote. The polling station is set up at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.

With approximately 204.8 million eligible voters across Indonesia, the stage is set for a crucial decision in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. The conclusion of Indonesia’s 75-day campaign period on Saturday marked the final push for presidential candidates Anies Baswedan, Prabowo Subianto, and Ganjar Pranowo, as the nation gears up for a monumental election on February 14.

Indonesians residing in Singapore have turned out in impressive numbers to make their voices heard in the democratic process.

Indoconnect Spoke to committee member from the General election for Indonesia Matthews Aaron, who along with other committee members handled the voter list and helped in planning and smooth functioning of the elections in Singapore, highlighted the preparations undertaken. With 106,515 registered voters, efforts were made to ensure a seamless voting process, supported by 600 polling officers. Despite a lower-than-expected number of registered voters compared to the estimated Indonesian resident population of 250,000 to 300,000 in Singapore, the committee anticipates a similar turnout to the 2019 election, which saw 37,000 voters participating. This year, the number of voters registered by mail surged to 49,000, indicating a growing interest and engagement in the electoral process among Indonesians abroad.

It is worth noting that Indonesians in Singapore are not required to be registered to vote; they can simply walk in with their Indonesian passport and Singapore Resident passport to cast their vote at the Embassy. The democratic spirit was evident as people from all walks of life and different age groups came together to exercise their voting rights. Djap Falianti, a 76-year-old Jakarta resident, expressed her satisfaction with the smoothness of the process, emphasizing the significance of voting even while away from home. Despite the second day of Chinese New Year, individuals from the food industry took time off to participate in the election, underscoring the importance they place on shaping the future of their homeland. With seven committee members overseeing the operation, the dedication to ensuring a fair and transparent election reflects the unwavering commitment to democracy and the belief in the power of the people’s voice to determine the country’s future leadership.