World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Singapore 2023 that will happen from April - December 2023

World Gourmet Summit Singapore is an upcoming event from April to December of 2023. Head to the event for a celebration of fine cuisine, excellent wines, and wonderful dining experiences!

Asia’s greatest haute cuisine festival, the World Gourmet Summit is an annual extravaganza that takes place from April to December. The Summit, which opened its doors in 1997, offers a wide range of stunning experiences that have been specially chosen for people who enjoy excellent dining. In its 26th year, the subject for 2022 is “Equilibrium: An Innate Sense of Taste,” and it focuses on uncovering the best gourmet delights in the culinary world.

Top Restaurants

Discover the rich flavors of Filipino food with MasterChef Michelle Adrillina, sample gastronomic wonders at Michelin-starred restaurant JAG, and celebrate International Vegetarian Week with Elemen.

Food lovers looking to sign up for this exciting calendar of epicurean experiences can expect a feast for all senses. Special menus, collaborations between world-famous chefs, and exclusive dishes are just some of what you’ll get to sample.

Food for Thought

Besides the feasting, serious foodies can also listen in on gastronomic talks with world-renowned Michelin-star chefs or get a hands-on experience at a selection of cooking workshops.

So if you enjoy indulging in delectable cuisines and deepening your appreciation for the wondrous world of food, be sure to check out the World Gourmet Summit’s annual line-up of events, and plan your travel itinerary around the feasts that await.

Source: Visit Singapore and World Gourmet Summit