Manpower Minister Ibu Ida Fauziyah engages in talks with Indonesian Ambassador to Thailand, Bapak Rachmat Budiman, in Bangkok, exploring collaborative opportunities in training and apprenticeship programs between the two nations.

Manpower Minister Ibu Ida Fauziyah convened in Bangkok on Saturday, February 17, for a meeting with Indonesian Ambassador to Thailand, Bapak Rachmat Budiman, to deliberate on fostering cooperation in training and apprenticeship initiatives between Indonesia and Thailand. In a statement released from her ministry on Sunday, 18 February, Bu Fauziyah emphasised the potential for mutually beneficial collaborations, envisioning the development of joint training programs tailored to address future job market demands.

Bu Fauziyah outlined various areas for potential cooperation, including specialised training programs for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) technicians, logistics experts, and healthcare professionals. Additionally, she underscored the importance of Thai language training for prospective Indonesian migrant workers, facilitating smoother integration into the Thai workforce.

The meeting also explored avenues for skilled workers’ exchange programs through certified apprenticeships or work placement initiatives, aimed at enhancing cross-cultural learning and addressing labor market demands. Bu Fauziyah emphasised the need for comprehensive mapping of both countries’ labor needs and skilled workforce potentials to optimise the effectiveness of collaboration efforts.

Expressing appreciation for the insights shared during the meeting, Minister Fauziyah reiterated her commitment to fostering robust cooperation in the employment sector between Indonesia and Thailand. She expressed optimism regarding the future trajectory of collaboration, emphasizing shared goals in enhancing the quality and competitiveness of skilled workers in the Southeast Asian region.

Bu Fauziyah conveyed her hope for the sustained growth and development of cooperation initiatives between Indonesia and Thailand in the employment sector. She expressed confidence in the collective efforts to achieve shared objectives, contributing to the advancement of skilled labor standards and fostering closer ties between the two nations.

Source: Antara News