Nusantara Capital City Authority emphasises the development of Indonesia’s new capital, IKN, as a sustainable and people-centric urban centre, prioritising environmental preservation and human well-being.

The Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) has articulated its commitment to crafting Indonesia’s new capital, IKN, as not only an environmentally sustainable city but also one that fosters the well-being of its inhabitants. Ibu Myrna Asnawati Safitri, OIKN’s deputy for environment and natural resources, elaborated on this vision during an online discussion, highlighting the dual emphasis on environmental friendliness and human-centred design.

In pursuit of this vision, 80 percent of mobility within IKN will prioritize the use of comfortable public transportation and active mobility options. By encouraging public transit usage and pedestrian-friendly pathways, the city aims to mitigate pollution levels while promoting physical activity among residents.

Bu Safitri emphasised the importance of providing comfortable spaces for residents, characterised by cool and leisurely environments conducive to relaxation and recreation. IKN is envisioned to feature expanded green spaces, fostering a tranquil atmosphere and promoting outdoor activities such as walking.

The concept of sustainability lies at the core of IKN’s development strategy, aligning with international standards for sustainable urban planning. Bu Safitri underscored the significance of sustainable cities in providing essential environmental services, particularly clean air and oxygen, for their inhabitants. As such, IKN is committed to maintaining a substantial green area, with 75 percent of its land designated as green spaceā€”the highest proportion in Indonesia.

Of the total green space, 65 percent will be allocated to protected areas, reflecting a concerted effort to conserve and rehabilitate Kalimantan’s tropical forests. Meanwhile, 25 percent of the land will be earmarked for urban development projects, ensuring a balance between environmental preservation and infrastructure expansion.

Reflecting on the broader vision for IKN, Bu Safitri reiterated its significance within Indonesia’s 2045 ambition, marking 100 years of independence. IKN aspires to be a “world city for all,” designed to meet essential needs, foster a welcoming environment, and enhance overall happiness and satisfaction among its residents. This ambitious endeavour underscores the commitment of the Nusantara Capital City Authority to create a sustainable, inclusive, and people-centric urban centre for generations to come.

Source: Antara News