From left to right: Mr Anton Milner, Managing Director CEO of ib vogt GmbH, Ellen Teo CEO of Union Energy Corporation and Executive Director of Union Power, H Ansar Ahmad – Governor of Riau Islands, H.E. Mr Suryo Pratomo, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Republic of Singapore, Mr Hanifa Indradjaya – President Director of PT Petrosea Tbk, David Ludwig- Managing Director (APAC) of ib vogt, Simon G. Bell -Managing Director and CEO of Quantum Power Asia

Quantum Power Asia and Germany’s ib vogt  has announced a partnership to construct a US$5 Billion 3.5 GW+ Solar Plant and Storage Facility in Riau, Indonesia

QUANTUM Power Asia (“Quantum Power”), the developer of Indonesia’s first utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) plant, and German solar energy turnkey solutions provider, ib vogt, announced today a partnership to build US$5 billion solar generation and storage facility which can export up to 4TWh of renewable energy to Singapore annually.Quantum Power designs, finances and operates renewable energy systems across Asia, and developed Indonesia’s first unsolicited utility-scale solar PV power plant which is now in operation.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, ib vogt focuses on the global development of PV plants and the intensified development of battery storage projects with a global project pipeline of more than 40,000 MW. The company offers all integral services of the value chain from development, financing, EPC and O&M to asset management in house. Ib vogt is firmly committed to supporting the decarbonization of the global electricity sector.

Anantara Energy Holdings Pte Ltd (“Anantara”), its joint-venture with Berlin-based ib vogt, is a long-term partnership to develop renewable energy in Indonesia and support Singapore’s call to import such clean energy.

Anantara has partnered with Union Power Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of Union Energy Corporation), an electricity retailer in Singapore, which will handle connectivity of imported clean energy and related services to residential, industrial and commercial customers. EMA-licensed Union Power currently retails electricity to about 22,000 retail customers in Singapore.

The project – one of the largest solar PV and battery storage projects globally – will involve total investment of over US$5 billion and will cover over more than 4,000 hectares in the Riau Islands south of Singapore. 

It is capable of generating more than 3.5 GW of solar PV and storing 12 GWh of renewable energy which is intended for export to Singapore via an undersea cable. and will create substantial positive economic and social impact on local communities in Riau Islands while accelerating regional efforts to develop renewable energy.

The JV has appointed licensed Singapore electricity retailer Union Power as import and retail partner. If approved by Singapore’s EMA as a licensed electricity importer, the JV will supply up to 4TWh per year of renewable energy each year to Singapore, accounting for 8% of the country’s energy needs.

Ellen Teo CEO of Union Energy Corporation and Executive Director of Union Power, David Ludwig Managing Director (APAC) of ib vogt, Simon G. Bell Managing Director and CEO of Quantum Power Asia Mr Hanifa Indradjaya President Director of PT Petrosea Tbk

Simon G. Bell, Managing Director and CEO, Quantum Power Asia, said: “We are excited to partner ib vogt and present this major integrated initiative to EMA. Should we be successful in being awarded an import licence to Singapore, we will bring up to US$5 billion of capital into Indonesia from Singapore, creating more than 30,000 jobs to build what will become the largest PV-Storage System globally to date. It will also contribute significantly to Singapore’s journey towards carbon neutrality.”

Anton Milner, Managing Director (CEO), ib vogt, said: “This bilateral energy import initiative is a landmark project globally and will be a catalyst for the region’s transformation towards clean, carbon-free energy. Based on the work done together with Quantum Power Asia and Union Energy Corporation, we are confident we have submitted a compelling proposal to EMA in order to create sustainable long-term value both for Singapore and Indonesia.”

Ellen Teo, CEO of Union Energy Corporation and Executive Director of Union Power, said: “The recent volatility of energy prices and challenges faced by Singapore’s electricity market underscores the urgent need to review our supply of renewable energy. We are honoured to partner Quantum Power Asia and ib vogt in this transformational project which will greatly benefit Singapore homes, businesses and the nation at large as we progress towards net zero.”

The formal joint-development agreement for the Anantara partnership, Anantara’s Memorandum of Understanding with Riau Islands Province, and the agreement between Anantara and Union Energy Corporation were signed today in the Indonesian embassy in Singapore in the presence of Ambassador His Excellency Mr Suryo Pratomo and the Governor of the Province Mr Ansar Ahmad.

The JV is expected to benefit Indonesia and Singapore by supporting new businesses, creating up to 30,000 new jobs in Riau Islands and opening up fresh opportunities in the renewable energy sector in the region.