The Indonesian Travel Agent Association anticipates the Whoosh high-speed trains can elevate Jakarta and Bandung as prime tourist destinations within ASEAN

THE Indonesian Travel Agent Association (Astindo) announced at the opening of the Astindo Travel Fair 2024 in Jakarta on 1st March 2024 and also proclaimed that the Whoosh High-Speed Train (HST) is poised to enhance tourism in Jakarta and Bandung, positioning them as key destinations in the ASEAN region.

Astindo Chair Pauline Suharno highlighted that Whoosh’s introduction as the first HST in Southeast Asia presents a significant opportunity to bolster tourism, particularly in Jakarta, among ASEAN countries.

She noted a surge in interest from students and corporations eager to experience the pioneering HST project, indicating a growing demand for tours and visits facilitated by Whoosh.

Ibu Suharno emphasised that the rising demand for travel to Jakarta and Bandung is directly attributed to the advent of Whoosh, with numerous inquiries pouring in from students and corporations across ASEAN.

The Astindo chair expressed confidence that the Whoosh HSTs will attract tourists from both ASEAN nations and domestic travellers, thereby stimulating tourism in Jakarta and Bandung.

Bapak Dwi Marhen Yono, Director of Domestic Tourism Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, previously estimated that the tourism and creative economy sectors could witness substantial revenue circulation, potentially exceeding IDR2,000 trillion in 2024, driven by an anticipated 1 billion domestic tourist visits.

Source: Antara News