It was a day that celebrated everything Indonesian, the land of diverse culture, rich tradition and unique heritage. Glitz, glamour and good food from Indonesia was on everyone’s mind on 21 May 2014 at the Indonesian Fashion and Culinary Trend, a charity event that was held in collaboration with DWP KBRI Singapura or Indonesia Women’s Society in Singapore and Singapore Moslem Women’s Association at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.

IIn her welcome address, Mrs Ferial Hadi, the head of DWP KBRI Singapura, the organisers of the event, said, “Fashion is not just about dealing with the extravagant range of people and glamorous lifestyles. It is also about creativity, pleasantness, endurance and commitment. Fashion is a language that tells us stories about a person who wears it. What we wear, how and when we wear it, provide others with shorthand read on the surface of a social situation.”

The show she said profiles the strength and variety of the country’s traditional life through the art of batik and Muslim wear from six well known designers and brands: Alleira, May and June, Batik Komar, Iva Latifah and Ernie Kosasih, as well as Mode Clothier from Singapore.

She also highlighted some of the other past achievements of DWP, “Today we do not aim merely at promoting Indonesian culture, the main purpose of this event is charity. Every single cent spent will go to the betterment of the society. In our previous event, ‘Charity Afternoon Tea High Couture Fashion Show,’ together with Mrs Betty Chen, President of the Chinese Women Association, who is also present with us today, we have gathered $20,000 and we have channelled the fund to National Museum of Singapore. Besides that, we have personally gone to Jakarta on 12 September 2013 in order to hand over part of the donation to Sekolah Kami and Home.

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“On top of that, at a more recent occasion, together with Mrs Anita Chairul Tanjung, we collected more than $17,000 during our Miracle of Talkshow event. In fact, both of us personally went to Surabaya on 5 May 2014 to deliver the funds, in the form of four tractors, one composter and 400 boxes of basic necessities to help the victims of recent natural disasters in Indonesia.”

Mrs Hadi, who is also the wife of the Indonesian Ambassador in Singapore, Mr Andri Hadi, reminded everyone that, “At the end of the day, we are not judged by the number of certificates we have received, or by the number of awards or medals, neither the promotions nor positions. But it is the number of lives we have touched.“

The Guests of Honour for the event were His Excellency Mr Andri Hadi and Mrs Anita Tanjung, the wife of the newly appointed Coordinating Minister of Economics Indonesia, Mr Chairul Tanjung.

With an objective to enhance people-to-people contact and develop closer relations to understand one another, the charity event fêted the pluralism of Indonesian cultures, particularly fashion and culinary. Presenting the creative wealth of several well-known Indonesian designers and brands, namely Alleira, Batik Komar, Iva Latifah and Ernie Kosasih, as well as Mode Clothier from Singapore, the fashion show drew breathless audience with its varied collections. From latest trends of contemporary ethnic wear to stylish western outfits for all casual, party and formal occasions, the designers shared their creative innovation in turning traditional fabrics into conservative and post-modern styles, incorporating local colours and motifs.

Indonesian Designers at Their Best

With an objective to enhance people-to-people contact and develop closer relations to understand one another, the charity event fêted the pluralism of Indonesian cultures, particularly fashion and culinary

Exhibiting their tasteful and elegant trends, designers such as Iva Lativah and Ernie Kosasih presented their innovative and fashionable Moslem wear. Hijabi fashion with beautiful flowing tunics and gracefully cut gowns were flaunted by beautiful models. Innovative and unique designs of Ernie Kosasih were characterised by traditional motifs such as distinctive line of Dayak tribe and ornamental Japanese Kimono.

Highlighting the traditional batik in their collection, Alleira Batik showcased the extra ordinary combination of Indonesian batik blended beautifully in modern moslem wear that set the catwalk on fire. Designers May and June presented Ramadhan 2014 collection with Marrakesh Express as the theme. Celebrating the enchanting uniqueness of Morocco’s major city and subtly working them through contemporary garments, the collection presented numerous breath-taking designs. From kaftans to beautiful tunics, mixed with some amazing pastel colours that combined with ‘candy’ colours, relayed sweet and bright impressions. Combined with May & June’s signature floral prints, the new collection provided some excitement for this Hari Raya. The whole concept of the collection also showed floral prints with a splash of retro in it.

Presenting the Sevati Collection, Batik Komar globally recognised for craftsmanship of traditional and contemporary batik drew all the eyes with flower motifs inspired by tropical flowers of Indonesia such as roses and orchids. The fabrics were fully made from natural fibre, satin silk combined with woven silk to enrich the texture. Sevati Collection designed by Putri

Komar, daughter of Mr Komar and Mrs Yeven, was made from batik tulis process, which involves covering wax and silk painting polished by embroidery details.

Next in line was Mode Clothier, a popular Moslem brand in Singapores owned by Norsiah and Nurulhuda, who are two fashion-loving individuals finding joy in promoting modest yet chic, fashion-forward, and comfortable apparels. Hand-picked and carefully chosen to suit the modern yet modest and fashionable taste of Moslem women, the projected the successful image of the modern Moslem women looking beautiful, fashionable, chic, modest and confident.

Tempting the Taste Buds

After the breathtaking fashion parade, authentic Indonesian cuisine tempted the taste buds of the audience. The spotlight was next on the cultural diversity that was demonstrated by authentic Indonesian food which was part of the “30 Indonesian Traditional Culinary Icons”. The 30 traditional dishes included Sate Ayam Madura, Surabi Bandung, Kue Lumpur Jakarta and many other dishes.

At the end of the day, DWP KBRI Singapura was able to raise funds through the sale of tickets to the various organisations that help the less fortunate in society. The beneficiaries included Sahabat Orang Sakit (Close Friends of the Sick Foundation), Yayasan Sahabat Rekan Sebaya (Peer Companion Foundation), Yayasan Permate Batam (Permate Batam Foundation), Yayasan Azizi Raudhah Sipatuo (Azizi Raudhah Sipatuo Foundation) and Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS).

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