07 January 2020, Singapore – Having brought to the stage ten successful productions since its debut in 2007, ICN Cultural Production proudly presents ICN 2020 – Nilanka: A Musical. Inspired by the journey of self-discovery that many faces, Nilanka clutches topics revolving around identity and conformity.

Nilanka breathes life to a Batak folklore entitled “Dayang Bandir dan Sandean Raja” from Indonesia’s cultural heritage. The story follows six individuals as they struggle to stay true to themselves while facing seemingly unbreakable societal norms. When their intentions are masked by the realities of their actions, can they still defy what is expected to do what is necessary?

Through their musical adaptation of this legend, ICN Cultural Production hopes to send a message to society and open their eyes to the wonders of Indonesian culture. From captivating music to the meticulously crafted costumes and sets inspired by Batak heritage, Nilanka is bound to be an immersive cultural experience and unforgettable entertainment. Producer of Nilanka, Natasya Adistana says, “Our upcoming show highlights the importance of embracing diversity, not only in ethnicity or religion, but also in character and opinion. Through our student-run production, we wish to inspire the audience to strive for a more inclusive and positive community.”




ICN 2020 – Nilanka: A Musical will be staged at Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building on Saturday, 8 February 2020 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Tickets start from $20 and are available at