This year’s Indonesia Fashion Week will place environmental concerns in the spotlight with terms like sustainable or eco-fashion championing the Green Movement. The event will be held at the Jakarta Convention Centre from 20 to 23 February 2014.

What is Green Fashion? According to leading fashion couturier, Auguste Soesastro, for his fashion brand Kraton, “We seek to lessen any negative impact of modernisation. What we produce as a result of our creative efforts should minimise waste and we should try to also use natural materials, for example, pineapple fibre in our creations.”

The event is Indonesia’s largest fashion and trade show that showcases the country’s latest designers with extravagant fashion shows, seminars and competitions. It covers all important elements of fashion from designers, academic institutions, business, association to government.

To find out more about who are the designers featured here which includes finalists of the Indonesia Week Fashion Show Competition visit:

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