Indonesia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs finalized the draft for the sign language Quran which is ready to be printed soon

THE drafting process of the sign language Quran is finished and will soon be printed. “This will be the first Quran to be printed in sign language in Indonesia and even the world,” said Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas on Monday, 13th November 2023, quoted from the official website of the ministry. Yaqut hoped that the arrival of sign language Quran could facilitate disabled people to the holy book.

In a report by Tempo.Co it said the printed version of the sign language will be available at the end of the year. Sign language versions of the Quran already exist in digital formats and the Pusaka Superapps which is owned by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. According to the head of the  Lajnah Pentashihan Mushaf Al-Qur’an (LPMQ) at the Ministry’s R&D Department Mr Abdul Aziz Sidqi, “Based on our studies, this would be the world’s first sign language Quran for 30 juz (parts).”

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