Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics, Nezar Patria, underscores Indonesians’ optimism towards AI usage, citing growing start-up engagement.

Source: Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Bapak Nezar Patria, the Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics, has highlighted Indonesians’ positive outlook regarding the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI), as stated in a release by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics on 5 February 2024.

During the Ministers’ Closed Consultations on the Interim Report of the UNSG’s High-Level Advisory Body on AI held in Slovenia on 4 February 2024, Pak Patria noted the significant optimism among Indonesians concerning AI adoption.

Pak Patria emphasized the growing number of start-up companies in Indonesia, which has reached 198, showcasing the nation’s readiness to embrace AI technologies.

The Deputy Minister underscored the government’s commitment to supporting start-up development through initiatives such as the “1,000 Digital Start-ups” and “Start-up Studio Indonesia” programs, alongside the HUB.ID program aimed at connecting start-ups with potential investors.

Several successful start-up companies have emerged from these programs, including Feedloop AI, Evermos, and eFishery, indicating the substantial potential for AI utilization and innovation in Indonesia.

Furthermore, discussions at the meeting also revolved around the application of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to address various public service challenges.

In December 2023, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics issued the Communication and Informatics Minister’s Circular Number 9 of 2023 on Artificial Intelligence Ethics, marking the initial phase of developing an AI governance model. The circular outlines ethical principles encompassing inclusivity, humanity, security, transparency, and more, laying the groundwork for responsible AI deployment.

Source: Antara News