Head of Central Lombok District meets with Dubai investor to discuss development projects aiming to boost local economy and tourism.

The head of Central Lombok district, Bapak Lalu Pathul Bahri, held a meeting on 15 February 2024 with an investor from Dubai, Mr. Samir Ahmed Munshi, to discuss plans for constructing a mall and hotel in the district. The meeting, held in Central Lombok, focused on outlining the local government’s support for the proposed development projects.

Pak Bahri assured Mr. Munshi, the director of Silver Height Real Estate and the investor behind the initiative, of the full backing of the local government in facilitating the implementation of the project. He emphasised that the endeavour is part of broader efforts to foster the development of Central Lombok and expressed optimism about its potential success.

The district head highlighted the economic benefits anticipated from the construction of a mall in Praya sub-district, emphasising its potential to stimulate local economic growth. Additionally, he underscored the strategic significance of the mall in supporting the tourism sector, particularly within the Mandalika Special Economic Zone.

Mr. Munshi expressed his admiration for the natural beauty of Lombok Island, citing it as a driving force behind his interest in investing in Central Lombok. He shared his intention to establish a mall in Praya sub-district, leveraging its proximity to the Mandalika International Circuit as a key factor in the decision-making process.

In addition to the mall project, Munshi revealed plans to develop a resort and restaurant on Selong Belanak Beach, targeting Arab and African tourists due to its Muslim-inhabited surroundings. He emphasised the ongoing feasibility study for the project and expressed hope for collaboration with the local government to realise these initiatives.

Source: Antara News