Indonesia and Singapore transportation ministers met in Jakarta for talks on potential collaborations to address aviation emissions and enhance flight connectivity as well as TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) projects

Singapore Transport minister, Mr. Chee Hong Tat (left) and Indonesia Transport minister, Bapak Budi Karya Sumadi (right)

INDONESIAN Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi and his Singaporean counterpart, Mr. Chee Hong Tat, convened on 20th February 2024 in Singapore to explore avenues for cooperation in mitigating aviation emissions and reducing carbon footprints associated with airport operations.

Pak Sumadi revealed plans for joint efforts aimed at establishing an environmentally sustainable aviation fuel refinery in Indonesia, underscoring Indonesia’s commitment to combating carbon emissions from aviation activities. The proposed collaboration seeks to leverage Indonesia’s resources to address environmental challenges in the aviation sector.

Singapore’s decision to implement aircraft levies, slated to commence in 2026, was also discussed during the meeting. The levy aims to bolster the adoption of eco-friendly aircraft fuels and represents Singapore’s proactive stance in promoting sustainable aviation practices.

In addition to environmental initiatives, the ministers deliberated on enhancing flight connectivity between Singapore and various Indonesian tourist destinations beyond Bali and Jakarta. Sumadi emphasized the strategic importance of diversifying flight routes, citing their potential to stimulate tourism and economic development.

Furthermore, Pak Sumadi extended an invitation to Singapore to invest in transit-oriented development (TOD) projects integrated with mass rapid transit (MRT) systems in Jakarta. Highlighting Singapore’s successful TOD initiatives, Pak Sumadi underscored the mutual benefits of Singaporean investment in Indonesia’s TOD infrastructure.

The presence of Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, H.E. Suryo Pratomo, underscored the diplomatic significance of the meeting, emphasising the shared commitment of both nations to fostering bilateral cooperation and addressing mutual challenges in the transportation sector.

Source: Antara News