Indonesian Ombudsman Chair discusses boosting collaboration in Southeast Asia during a visit by Malaysia’s Sarawak Integrity and Ombudsman Unit.

The Chair of the Indonesian Ombudsman, Dr. Mokhammad Najih, announced plans to enhance cooperation in the Southeast Asian region during a visit by Malaysia’s Sarawak Integrity and Ombudsman Unit (UNIONS) to the Indonesian Ombudsman office in Jakarta on 27 February 2024.

Dr. Najih highlighted the significance of the visit in broadening regional cooperation, particularly as Indonesia’s Ombudsman approaches its 25th anniversary in 2025, aiming to expand its engagement in the Southeast Asian region.

Led by Dato’ Murshid Diraja Dr. Juanda Jaya, the UNIONS delegation, including officials from the Premier’s Department of Sarawak, engaged in benchmarking activities at the Indonesian Ombudsman office to gain insights into its functions and operations.

Welcoming the delegation, Dr. Najih provided an overview of the Indonesian Ombudsman’s role, tasks, and organisational structure, expressing optimism about fostering positive relations between the two institutions.

Pak Jaya articulated UNIONS’ objective to deepen its understanding of the Indonesian Ombudsman’s role in addressing challenges related to public services, underscoring Indonesia’s benchmark status in the region due to similarities in backgrounds and social contexts.

The visit aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange on organisational structures and governance practices, with UNIONS expressing interest in joining the Southeast Asian Ombudsman Forum (SEAOF) and engaging in collaborative programs with Indonesia and other member countries.

Editor’s Notes: Ombudsman is an organisation that protects the interests of individuals from violations of public services by government official.

Source: Antara News