Startup Talks event aims to foster collaboration between domestic startup companies and European markets to bolster Indonesia’s export volume.

The Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry organised the Startup Talks event on 27 February 2024 in Jakarta, aiming to facilitate domestic startup companies’ access to European markets and enhance the export potential of local products.

Bapak Dindin Wahyudin, the ministry’s Economic Diplomacy Advisor, emphasised the significance of economic diplomacy in strengthening Indonesia-Europe relations, underscoring the event’s role in advancing international cooperation and promoting economic interests.

Highlighting the transformative role of startup companies in driving digital economic growth, Pak Wahyudin noted the substantial progress witnessed in Indonesia’s startup ecosystem since its inception in 2010, evolving into a thriving hub of innovation.

With Indonesian startups leading technological development and offering innovative solutions, Pak Wahyudin stressed their pivotal role as agents of change, pushing the boundaries of conventional industries and shaping the new economic landscape.

Anticipating the burgeoning value of the digital economy in Southeast Asia, projected to reach US$330 billion by 2025 and US$1 trillion by 2030, Pak Wahyudin emphasised Indonesia’s significant contribution, with its digital economy expected to hit US$150 billion by next year.

The event aimed to facilitate collaboration between Indonesia and European countries, providing a platform for knowledge exchange on regulatory frameworks to optimise the digital economy and foster stronger partnerships, ultimately boosting Indonesia’s exports and global reputation.

Source: Antara News