Ibu Lestari Moerdijat emphasises the importance of addressing educational disparities to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Deputy Speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), Ibu Lestari Moerdijat, emphasised the crucial need for providing equal access to education to enhance welfare and justice for all individuals, as stated in a press release from the MPR on 27 February 2024.

Bu Moerdijat highlighted the pressing need to address existing challenges promptly to achieve equitable education for everyone, particularly addressing the disparities in access to education between urban and rural residents.

Citing data from Statistics Indonesia in 2022, Bu Moerdijat pointed out disparities in the gross enrolment ratio (GER) between high schools and higher education institutions in rural and urban areas, indicating the need for targeted interventions.

She urged for the equitable distribution of scholarships and the identification of underlying causes such as economic, social, and cultural factors to mitigate educational inequalities effectively.

Bu Moerdijat stressed the importance of active participation from stakeholders at both central and regional levels to address the issue comprehensively, facilitating equal access to higher education and fostering the development of highly skilled and competitive human resources.

Source: Antara News