the indonesian Deputy Minister of Trade, dR. JERRY SAMBUAGA, confirms that foreign market access for all items produced by Indonesian micro, small, and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) continues to be open.

Source: Suryakabar

Deputy Minister of Trade Dr. Jerry Sambuaga, was in Surabaya on Monday 22nd April 2024, stated that the central government has completed a total of 38 trade agreements, covering five continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Europe.

According to Deputy Minister Jerry, one of the benefits of these partnership agreements is the exemption from tariffs on goods shipped from Indonesia to other countries. Therefore, he hopes that the established cooperation can be effectively utilised by all MSMEs to expand their market coverage. Apart from elevating their class, the government aims for Indonesian MSMEs to gain international recognition.

Beyond trade agreements, the Deputy Minister also assured of continuous assistance in improving the quality of domestic MSME products through training, curation, advocacy, and mentoring.

“We have 46 trade representative points worldwide, including trade attaché and ITPC (Indonesia Trade Promotion Center), all under the Ministry of Trade,” he added.

However, Deputy Minister Sambuaga emphasises the need for consistency from Indonesian MSMEs regarding the quantity, quality, and continuity of product production, urging local governments at both provincial and municipal levels to assist in monitoring the sustainability of the MSME sector.

“We all need to synergize so that product shipments remain consistent, of high quality, and in large quantities,” he concluded.

Source: Antara News