President Joko Widodo praises the comprehensive facilities at RSPPN Panglima Besar Soedirman, highlighting their importance in addressing health emergencies, during the hospital’s inauguration in Jakarta.

Source: Ministry of Defence

Indonesian President Joko Widodo lauded the extensive facilities at the National Defence Central Hospital (RSPPN) Panglima Besar Soedirman in Bintaro, Jakarta, during its inauguration ceremony held on 19 February 2024. Built by the Ministry of Defence, the hospital’s completion reflects a crucial response to the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasising the importance of well-equipped healthcare facilities to address health emergencies effectively.

Accompanied by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, President Widodo conducted a comprehensive inspection of the hospital’s modern amenities, underscoring their advanced capabilities. Notable features include a state-of-the-art MRI machine with high-spec Tesla 3 technology, a CT scan device capable of producing detailed cross-sectional images, and an integrated modular operating room, among others.

Highlighting the significant role of domestic industry development, President Jokowi commended the construction of hospitals for the Indonesian Navy, Army, and Air Force, boasting a domestic component level averaging at 70 percent. This strategic initiative not only enhances healthcare infrastructure but also contributes to national economic recovery by promoting local industry growth.

In addition to RSPPN, President Jokowi inaugurated 20 hospitals dedicated to the Indonesian Armed Forces, along with five others that were previously opened and are now fully operational. With its comprehensive facilities, RSPPN is poised to serve as a benchmark hospital for Ministry of Defense personnel, Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) members, their families, and the public, ensuring access to top-tier healthcare services.

Furthermore, RSPPN holds the distinction of being a teaching hospital affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine of the Defence University, positioning it as a vital centre for medical education and training. Additionally, the hospital stands ready to fulfil its role as a disaster response facility when the need arises, further underscoring its importance in safeguarding public health and national security.

Source: Antara News