Source: Dulwich College Singapore

2 November 2023, a historical day for Indonesians regarding the very well known Batik by the globe. The sense of unity in Batik can be seen by the event Dulwich College held – a remarkable three-day extravaganza with the Indonesian Nationality Group. This special Batik Day was celebrated by multiple performances by the Dulwich student and Sekolah Singapura such as; Gamelan Ensemble, showcase of Balinese Dance, Javanese Dance, and Tari Saman. All of the performances are completed by peak activity for the students to watch live demonstrations by Anerdgallery and learn about the rich history of this timeless Indonesian tradition. This shows how dedicated and committed the Indonesian Nationality Group is as well as Singapore as the country with a large scale of Indonesian diaspora. This celebration was even more impressive by the attendance of representatives from the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, Mr. Igak Satrya Wibawa, the Education and Culture Attache of the Embassy. Happy Batik Day! May the value of Batik strengthen the unity of the nation.