Singapore and Indonesia introduce INSTEP, a collaborative initiative to support Indonesian students pursuing Master’s programs at NTU Singapore.

The NTU Singapore TalEnt Program (INSTEP) was introduced by Singapore and Indonesia as their commitment in collaboration. Launched on 7th June 2024, this initiative marked a new chapter in bilateral relations, particularly in the realm of education. INSTEP aims to facilitate the academic activities of Indonesian students by providing support for their Master’s programmes at NTU Singapore. The programme paves the way for enhanced cooperation and knowledge exchange between the two nations.

The INSTEP programme offers Indonesian students the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in various fields, contributing to their personal and professional development. NTU Singapore, known for its academic excellence and diverse student body, welcomes this collaboration as an effort to enrich its educational landscape. Indonesian students participating in INSTEP will bring valuable perspectives and insights, enhancing the overall learning experience at NTU.

The launch of INSTEP underscores the importance of fostering regional partnerships in higher education. By nurturing talent from Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, NTU Singapore hopes to build a more inclusive and diverse academic community. This initiative not only benefits the individual students but also strengthens the educational ties between Singapore and Indonesia. Through INSTEP, both countries are setting the stage for future collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Source: Indonesian Embassy in Singapore