Jambi City, led by Acting Mayor Sri Purwaningsih, embraced global collaboration at World Cities Summit 2024, fostering educational and tourism partnerships with Singapore

IN a significant diplomatic endeavour, Jambi City was selected as one of Indonesia’s representative cities to take part in the 9th World Cities Summit (WCS) 2024. The main event, hosted at the Suntec City Convention Center in Singapore, witnessed the presence of Acting Mayor Sri Purwaningsih and other delegates from Kota Jambi.

Amidst their participation in the World Cities Summit, Acting Mayor Sri Purwaningsih seized the opportunity to implement Jambi City outward-looking policy by engaging with the Singaporean government and other international institutions to strengthen cooperation 

During the World Cities Summit agenda, Acting Mayor Sri Purwaningsih held a meeting with the Mayor of South East District Singapore, Mr. Fahmi Aliman. The discussion centred on enhancing Malay cultural ties and promoting tourism events between the two cities.

Further strengthening relations, Acting Mayor Sri Purwaningsih convened a meeting with the Singaporean Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the continuity of the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP), which has been running for a decade in Jambi City, along with strategic collaboration plans with various Polytechnics in Singapore.

Lastly, the Jambi City delegation, led by the Acting Mayor, engaged in a meeting and signed a renewed Letter of Intent (LOI) between the Jambi City Government and Temasek Polytechnic Singapore. This agreement signifies Jambi City’s commitment to educational advancements, as proved by its delegation’s participation in drone mapping training in Singapore last May.

Source: Jambi City Government