KBRI Singapore engaged 400 junior high school students at Methodist Girls School with a Maumere dance performance, emphasising the importance of cultural ties in bilateral relations

Source: Kumparan

THE Indonesian Embassy in Singapore conducted a cultural diplomacy initiative at the Methodist Girls School in Singapore, engaging approximately 400 junior high school students through a performance of the Maumere dance during the event titled “The Glimpse of Indonesia.” In a statement by Rizki Kusumastuti, Secretary for Social and Cultural Information, this event highlighted the significance of cultural approaches in the relationship between the two nations.

Ms Kusumastuti emphasised the strong foundation formed by the many similarities between Indonesia and Singapore, stressing that these similarities are important in the relational context.

Furthermore, Mr Igak Satrya Wibawa, the Education and Cultural Attaché, noted that the shared cultural and historical aspects between the two countries play a significant role in the geopolitical mapping of both ASEAN and Asia.

Since 2022 when the Singaporean government, through the Ministry of Education, prioritised programs related to Indonesia, over 2,000 Singaporean students participated in programs with partner universities in Indonesia, primarily focused on research and cultural exchanges.

Founded in 1881, Methodist Girls School is one of the oldest schools in Singapore and a highly sought-after institution for female students. The school accommodates around 25 Indonesian students, who receive support through ASEAN Scholarship provided by the Singaporean government, as well as internal scholarships offered by the school.

The Principal of Methodist Girls School, Ms Valeri Wilson, expressed her concerns that the younger generation in Singapore is more familiar with countries in East Asia or even Europe than with neighbouring countries in ASEAN, despite their geographic and cultural proximity. Therefore, starting this year, the school aims to encourage its students to develop a closer understanding of ASEAN member states, particularly Indonesia, as Singapore’s main regional partner.

Ms Wilson also emphasised the importance of reintroducing Indonesian culture and traditions to students in Singapore regularly, stating that it plays a crucial and significant role in the context of the relationship between the two countries.

Source: Antara News