Sekolah Indonesia (Singapura) or SIS has upgraded its status and the way it is managed since 2016. SIS pays tribute to Ambassador Ngurah Swajaya for providing the impetus as “motivator, inspirator and father figure” to learn and master the digital age

SEKOLAH Indonesia Singapura, which was founded in 1969, has formally joined the league of private schools in Singapore since 2016 and recognised as a Private Educational Institution. Since then, all the management and activities have had to be reported to the Minister of Education and Committee of Private Education besides the Indonesian Government through the Indonesia Embassy in Singapore. This new status brings also a new name – Sekolah Indonesia (Singapore) Limited and a new school organisational structure called School Boards which is different from the usual structure of schools in Indonesia. They consists of boards of advisers, board of trustees, boards of directors and boards of examinations etc.

As a member of the Board of Advisers, HE Ngurah Swajaya, has given productive support to SIS. He gives advice, critiques, and guidance about school quality management at least once in the monthly staff meetings and often in the school board meetings. One of his most important reminders is his continuous concern that students be proficient in new technologies including mastery through coding. He has made Singaporean schools the benchmark for the quality of education expected from SIS. He has personally helped the school find an instructor for coding.

HE Ngurah Swajaya always attends and gives motivation talks at many school events such as National Day ceremonies and even regular or incidental programmes and activities.

Two major, special events that have become landmark moments for the school was when he attended the Launching of Smart School and the School’s 50th Year Anniversary. His presence at these two events has made the students and faculty proud that he officiated them. In the first event, he said that he was so happy because SIS consistently managed to upgrade itself to study the development of technology for education with programs like e-learning and e-testing with SIS MOODLE, e-management with SIS QUINTAL application, and SIS e-library with SIS KIPIN ATM application.  He also stated that the school’s acquisition of teaching tools such as smart boards will help in lessons and keep the school up-to-date with the latest educational tools and technology.

The Ambassador is also always ready and willing to come to SIS for smaller scale events such as presenting of students’ appreciation awards for their achievements in studies. His Excellency also has taken the opportunity to give rousing speeches; so, for the school, he is really a motivator, an inspirator and a father figure as well, which the school has appreciated a lot.

HE Ngurah Swajaya gives advice, critiques, and guidance about school quality… One of his most important reminders is his continuous concern that students be proficient in new technologies including mastery through coding. He has made Singaporean schools the benchmark for the quality of education expected from SIS

School Quality Improvement
HE Ngurah Swajaya’s wife, Mdm Mahaswi Swajaya also contributes much to the school’s quality improvement. She is always at the Ambassador’s side whenever the school invites him. In the past,she has also visited SIS with members of the organization she heads, Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) KBRI Singapura. She gave much encouragement, motivation and inspiration to care while interacting with all students. Since there are many students of different age levels, the activity has put into three groupings based on primary, secondary and high school levels. The students were very happy and inspired because there were various activities such as presentation, games, interactive discussion and door prizes. She said the sessions were also memorable because when she asked what the students wanted to be, some students gave uncommon answers of new non-traditional work options such as make-up artist, a Youtuber and even (ethical) hackers!

Sekolah Indonesia (Singapore) Ltd, also actively supports the Indonesian Embassy’s mission in Singapore especially in promoting the cultural fields. Frequently, Singapore institutions or regional events managers in Singapore ask the Indonesia Embassy to perform cultural Indonesian dances, music or songs. To support the Embassy’s Education Attaché, SIS students successfully attend various events to carry out cultural performances. In this case, the school cooperates with Rumah Budaya Indonesia who also support by providing the costumes and the instructors.

In Sekolah Indonesia (Singapura) Ltd, there are other learning activities on Sundays. The students are all Indonesian domestic workers who work in Singapore. These activities are grouped into four namely P3K, PKBM, UT and cultural activities. P3K stands for Pusat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan or Training Centre. PKBM stands for Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Mandiri or Self-study Centre. UT is a short form for Universitas Terbuka or Open University. Cultural activities include Pencak Silat (self-defence), angklung (another traditional music form), and talempong (another traditional music). In these activities, Mr. Ngurah also regularly supports and motivates the students. The very special event at which all the students eagerly await his presence is Graduation. All of the graduates are happy to be congratulated by him.For some it becomes a memory of a lifetime. The last unforgettable thing for the students is when he announces the award for scholarships for those with excellent results and have plans to continue their study.