The Hajj Fund Management Agency (BPKH) collaborates with Saudi partners in the accommodation and catering sectors to enhance the Hajj pilgrimage experience.

Efforts to bolster the Hajj ecosystem witnessed a significant milestone as the Hajj Fund Management Agency (BPKH) forged partnerships with several entities in Saudi Arabia. Bapak Fadlul Imansyah, head of BPKH, announced the cooperation aimed at investing in and contributing to the Hajj ecosystem, underscoring its importance in operational management and financial sustainability.

Pak Imansyah emphasised the multifaceted approach of the cooperation, highlighting its dual focus on investment returns for Indonesian pilgrims and the enhancement of service quality. The initiative seeks to integrate accommodation providers, particularly hotels, into the Hajj ecosystem through strategic investments facilitated by BPKH.

In addition to accommodation, BPKH endeavors to elevate catering services for Indonesian Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. Plans include investing in food services to ensure pilgrims receive three meals a day, fostering a conducive environment and enhancing overall pilgrimage experience.

The collaboration aligns with regulatory requirements stipulated by the House of Representatives (DPR) and the Ministry of Religious Affairs, mandating that catering services for Indonesian Hajj pilgrims meet a 30% local component requirement. Pak Imansyah expressed optimism that investments made, amounting to IDR20 trillion (approximately US$1.28 billion), would yield returns and profits benefiting Indonesian stakeholders.

Source: Antara News