The 10th edition of Ecosperity Week, organized by Temasek, saw Indonesian delegates participating in discussions on climate action and collaboration.

A delegation from Indonesia joined the 10th edition of Ecosperity Week 2024, hosted by Temasek. The event, held recently, focused on the theme “renewing our vibrant spring.” Among the attendees was Singapore’s Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Grace Fu, who highlighted the urgent need for countries to move beyond setting net zero emissions targets and focus on implementing strategies to achieve these targets starting now.

Minister Grace Fu emphasized the importance of “walking the talk” regarding climate action, as global warming is a tangible reality requiring contributions, collaboration, and collective action from all stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and civil society.

Discussions during Ecosperity Week 2024 centered on practical approaches to address climate challenges and achieve sustainability goals. The event served as a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and fostering partnerships to drive impactful environmental initiatives.

The Indonesian delegation actively participated in sessions focused on innovative solutions, green technologies, and sustainable practices. The collaborative spirit among attendees reflected a shared commitment to combatting climate change and promoting a more resilient and eco-friendly future.

Source : H.E.Suryo Pratomo Instagram