Indonesia’s Youth and Sports Minister emphasised the importance of nurturing Indonesian racers to popularise the F1 Powerboat event domestically

Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs

YOUTH and Sports Minister Dito Ariotedjo has outlined a strategy to increase the popularity of F1 Powerboat racing within Indonesia by focusing on developing local talent.

Bapak Ariotedjo highlighted the significance of nurturing Indonesian racers as part of efforts to introduce and popularise the F1 Powerboat event among the Indonesian community.

The F1 Powerboat racing series, traditionally more renowned in European, American, and Middle Eastern countries, has garnered increased attention in Indonesia since its debut in the country last year, with continued interest into its second hosting in 2024.

In line with this, the ministry is gearing up to establish an academy dedicated to training national F1 Powerboat racers, providing a specialised platform for Indonesian athletes to hone their skills in the sport.

The government aims to have a pool of Indonesian F1 Powerboat riders ready before 2027, positioning them to compete on the international stage in the racing event.

Moreover, Bapak Ariotedjo emphasised that the development of F1 Powerboat racing not only promotes sports excellence but also holds the potential to boost sports tourism in Indonesia, thereby contributing to the country’s economic growth.

With the hosting of F1 Powerboat 2024 in Lake Toba, North Sumatra, serving as a notable example, the ministry is also eyeing other regions with the potential to host world-class sports tourism events, including Labuan Bajo, Lampung, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and various parts of Sulawesi.

Source: Antara News