Minister of Youth and Sports announced financial aid for 11 sports organisations to gear up for the 2024 Olympics qualifiers

Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports

INDONESIA’S Minister of Youth and Sports, Bapak Dito Ariotedjo, disclosed on 26th February 2024 the provision of funding amounting to IDR61.5 billion (approximately US$4 million) for 11 sports organisations slated to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics qualifications.

The announcement came during the signing of a collaboration agreement between the ministry and various sports organizations, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enhancing national sports achievements at the Olympics.

The financial support has been allocated to 11 sports bodies, including weightlifting, cycling, gymnastics, archery, volleyball, taekwondo, badminton, surfing, judo, athletics, and aquatic sports, to facilitate their preparations and participation in the Paris Olympic qualifiers.

  • Weightlifting: IDR 8.828.683.540
  • Cycling: IDR 7.584.111.900
  • Gymnastics: IDR 2.946.966.400
  • Archery: IDR 11.975.723.400 
  • Volleyball: IDR 5.726.565.000 
  • Taekwondo: IDR 1.440.786.540
  • Badminton: IDR 8.651.738.000
  • Surfing: IDR 1.781.311.000
  • Judo: IDR
  • Athletics: IDR 3.620.021.000
  • Aquatic Sports: IDR 4.829.946.000

Additionally, two other sports organisations, focusing on rowing and shooting and hunting, are set to receive government assistance in the near future, further underscoring the commitment to bolstering the country’s Olympic prospects.

Minister Ariotedjo outlined that the allocated funds will be utilised for various purposes, including athlete selection processes, training and development initiatives, coaching, and meeting the essential prerequisites for Olympic qualification.

Furthermore, he emphasised the government’s intention to increase financial support for sports that successfully qualify for the Olympics, as a means to incentivise athletes and foster a conducive environment for achieving medal-winning performances.

While refraining from setting specific targets for the number of athletes qualifying for the Olympics, Minister Ariotedjo expressed the government’s aspiration to facilitate the participation of as many athletes as possible in the qualification events, thereby maximising the country’s representation and prospects at the global sporting event.

Source: Antara News