Manpower Minister Ibu Ida Fauziyah and Indonesian Ambassador to Laos, Ibu Grata Endah Werdaningtyas, discuss potential collaboration in labor training and apprenticeship, aiming to enhance workforce quality and competitiveness.

Manpower Minister Ibu Ida Fauziyah and Indonesian Ambassador to Laos, Ibu Grata Endah Werdaningtyas, convened on 15 February 2024 evening to explore avenues of cooperation in labor between Indonesia and Laos. The meeting, held on February 15, served as a platform to discuss potential partnerships in enhancing the skills and competitiveness of workers from both nations.

Bu Fauziyah highlighted the myriad opportunities for collaboration in training and apprenticeship programs to elevate the quality of the workforce in Indonesia and Laos. She emphasised the significance of sharing best practices in training methodologies and fostering internships to equip workers with relevant skills for the evolving labor market. The minister underscored the potential for joint training initiatives tailored to meet the future demands of various sectors, alongside the exchange of trainers, instructors, and employment-related information.

The proposed cooperation aims to yield multifaceted benefits, including the enhancement of labor quality and competitiveness, addressing the workforce needs in priority sectors, and fortifying bilateral relations between Indonesia and Laos. Bu Fauziyah expressed eagerness to delve into detailed discussions regarding potential joint programs and exchanges to foster skilled labor development.

In addition to exploring avenues of collaboration, Minister Fauziyah engaged in discussions on pivotal labor issues, particularly in the context of digitalization, green transition, and post-COVID-19 economic recovery efforts. The meeting underscored the importance of fostering robust economic ties between Indonesia and Laos, leveraging mutual cooperation for shared prosperity.

Despite the historical underdevelopment of economic relations between Indonesia and Laos, recent trends indicate a positive trajectory, propelled by global economic dynamics and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Concurrently, Indonesian businesses have begun to explore emerging market opportunities in Laos, signalling a growing interest in bilateral economic engagement.

Source: Antara News