Visiting Singapore? Too lazy to buy a Singapore SIM card or Pocket WiFi? You can use your Indonesian SIM card in Singapore with affordable roaming rates! Here’s how.

Visiting Singapore, especially for the first time, can be challenging. To have a hassle-free trip to Singapore, you must make numerous preparations. And purchasing a local SIM card or renting a pocket WiFi device can be pricey. As a result, we offer you a solution that may be useful to you. Simply activate it from your phone! You don’t need to change your SIM card. Here is a list of Indonesian service providers that offer roaming plans during your visit to Singapore.


Telkomsel provides the RoaMAX package for use in Singapore. Here are the details:

Package NameDurationPricePackage Details
Internet RoaMAX Singapura1 dayIDR 50.000Internet 10GB
*cannot be used for tethering
Combo RoaMAX Singapura1 dayIDR 60.000Internet 10 GB
Call 10 Minutes
SMS 10 Message
*cannot be used for tethering
RoaMAX Singapura7 daysIDR 150.000Internet 100GB
*can be used for tethering

Complete information can be accessed here or download MyTelkomsel app on AppStore or Google Play


By.U provides the Roam Like Local package to use in Singapore. They only offer internet data. Perfect for those who simply need to stay online.

DurationPricePackage Detail
4 daysIDR 100,999Internet 8 GB
7 daysIDR 156,599Internet 100 GB

Complete information can be accessed by downloading By.U app on AppStore or Google Play.


As an XL users in Singapore, there are two ways to stay connected. You have the option to use your current data credit while purchasing an XL Pass to make it accessible for use abroad, as well as to purchase a combo roaming package.

Package NameDurationPricePackage Details
XL Pass1 dayIDR 85.000
3 daysIDR 150.000
7 daysIDR 300.000
XL Roaming Combo1 dayIDR 160.000Unlimited Internet
Call 25 Minutes
25 SMS
3 daysIDR 225.000Unlimited Internet
Call 50 Minutes
50 SMS
7 daysIDR 425.000Unlimited Internet
Call 100 Minutes
100 SMS
30 daysIDR 825.000Unlimited Internet
Call 150 Minutes
150 SMS
*Keep in mind that you have to own a minimum of IDR 50.000 in your phone credit in order to activate a roaming package.

There is a special price for XL PRIORITAS users; for more information, you can click here. For full details about roaming packages for regular XL users, click here. You can purchase by dialing *123*747# on your phone or by downloading the MyXL app from the App Store or Google Play.


Indosat provides a Roam Single Country Package to stay connected in Singapore. They are also great for people who mostly stay online for communication.

DurationPricePackage DetailsNote
1 DayIDR 45.000Internet 300 MB
3 DaysIDR 100.000Internet 1 GB
7 DaysIDR 200.000Internet 2.5 GBAvailable in 19 Countries (Include Asia and Australia)
IDR 400.000Internet 2 GBAvailable in 56 Countries (Include US, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia)

For more information, you can click here. You can buy through IM3 Official Whatsapp or access *122# on your phone


Tri provides Trip Asia Australia package that can be used in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Here are the details:

DurationPricePackage Details
1 DayIDR 45.0001 GB
3 DaysIDR 120.0003 GB
7 DaysIDR 220.0007 GB

You can purchase the package by dialing *899#, using the Bima+ app (available on the AppStore and Google Play), or by going to one of Tri’s partners located throughout Indonesia.

These are the Indonesian service providers that offer a roaming package for visits to Singapore. Easy, right? Now, you’re all set to travel to Singapore. So excited to see you here!