Leading cosmetic brand, Wardah, partners with Garuda Indonesia to elevate the in-flight experience by offering passengers a ‘touch of beauty’

‘FIND The Beauty in the Journey’ is a profound partnership between Wardah and Garuda Indonesia aimed at redefining the travel experience by integrating beauty into every aspect of the journey. Passengers embarking on their Garuda Indonesia journey are invited to savor and celebrate the experience as a beautiful one. It goes beyond being a mere campaign; it represents a comprehensive collaboration that raises the bar for the in-flight experience. It adopts a holistic and refined approach to beauty, from take-off to landing. Passengers can indulge in a selection of exclusive cosmetic products from Wardah, curated to enhance their travel moments with a touch of beauty.

Harman Subakat, the CEO of PT Paragon Technology and Innovation, emphasized Wardah’s commitment to innovation tailored to Indonesian women’s skincare needs and tones. “In line with Wardah’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the cosmetics industry, our collaboration with Garuda Indonesia opens new doors for Wardah to expand its brand presence, reaching a broader audience, including domestic and international travelers. We aspire to offer added value to passengers and set a new standard for the aviation experience, demonstrating how every traveler can enjoy their journey with a touch of beauty,” stated Harman Subakat.

(From l to r): Irfan Setiaputra and Mr. Harman Subakat

Garuda Indonesia’s President Director, Irfani Setiaputra, emphasized that this collaboration reflects the airline’s commitment as the national flag carrier to support exceptional national products created by the nation’s talents.

Irfan explained, “Sharing the same mission as Paragon Group in presenting the finest national products that highlight Indonesia’s distinctiveness, this collaboration embodies the spirit of both companies in continuously developing various products and services. These aim to provide added value not only for the two brands but also for the Indonesian people.

“Through our partnership with Wardah, a leading local cosmetic brand known for offering beauty products created by Indonesian talents, we hope that the exclusive products we present will not only instill pride in the diversity and competitiveness of Indonesian products among our fellow Indonesians but also inspire and unleash the potential of our nation’s talents in showcasing Indonesia’s excellence on the global stage,” Irfan concluded.

“Collaborating with Wardah is part of Garuda Indonesia’s ongoing support as a promotional platform for various domestic products, enriching the Garuda Indonesia passenger experience. We are committed to infusing excitement into travelers’ journeys through Garuda Indonesia’s flight services,” added Irfan.

The collaboration between Wardah and Garuda Indonesia introduces two exclusive products:

  • Wardah Colors Palette Brick, 007 Flying Espresso, and 008 Cloudy Cream: These shades represent the transitions from sunrise to elements of the night sky. Each color is inspired by and designed to complement Garuda Indonesia’s cabin crew. The palette features an intense color formula, smooth texture, and long-wearing performance. Beyond offering a unique makeup experience, it serves as an exclusive collection for beauty and aviation enthusiasts. Wardah Colors Palette X Garuda Indonesia is priced at IDR 135,000.
  • Wardah Skyward Matte Lip Cream: This exclusive collection, available in two shades—cool-tone shade 03 See You Latte and warm-toned shade 20 Peach of Mind—expresses Indonesia’s natural beauty and spirit. Wardah Skyward Matte Lip Cream X Garuda Indonesia is specially formulated for a comfortable feel on the lips while delivering intense color.

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