The two-day working visit, meticulously organised by the Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore from 3rd to 4th January 2024, brought together a high-profile delegation led by Dr. Rizka Andalucia the Director-General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices from the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia

THIS diplomatic initiative aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between Indonesia and Singapore in the crucial realm of healthcare. Accompanying Director-General Dr Rizka Andalucia were members of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI), underscoring the inclusive nature of the discussions that unfolded during the visit.

The focal point of the visit was the insightful and detailed discussions that took place between the Indonesian delegation and Dr. Camilla Wong, the Chief Pharmacist Office of the Ministry of Health in Singapore. The deliberations covered a wide array of pharmaceutical and health topics, ranging from the development in pharmacy, specialists and advanced pharmacists as well as access to innovative medicines in Singapore. The engagement aimed not only to enhance mutual understanding but also to identify potential areas for technical collaboration that could benefit both nations in the field of pharmaceuticals. The exchange of expertise and perspectives laid the foundation for a more robust and cooperative approach to addressing healthcare challenges.

In addition to the meetings, the delegation seized the opportunity to conduct a site visit to the pharmacy services at the National Cancer Center in Singapore. This hands-on experience provided invaluable insights into Singapore’s healthcare infrastructure, specifically in the context of cancer treatment and pharmaceutical services. Observing these services in action allowed the Indonesian delegation to gain a deeper understanding of best practices and innovative approaches that could be adapted or implemented in their home country.

The collaborative spirit of the visit not only extended to the exchange of knowledge but also sought to establish lasting connections between professionals in the pharmaceutical sector of both countries. The engagement facilitated networking opportunities and laid the groundwork for potential future partnerships. As a result, the visit served as a catalyst for enhanced bilateral ties, promoting cooperation in research, development, and the implementation of regulatory frameworks within the pharmaceutical industry.

In conclusion, the two-day working visit orchestrated by the Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore not only served as a platform for meaningful discussions between high-ranking officials but also contributed to the broader goal of strengthening the ties between Indonesia and Singapore in the critical domain of healthcare. The shared commitment to advancing pharmaceutical practices and addressing common healthcare challenges creates a promising outlook for future collaborations that will benefit the health and well-being of both nations.

Photo: KBRI Singapura social media

Source: KBRI Singapura