Collaboration efforts aim to ensure special protection and rights fulfilment for children from the Outer Baduy tribe, affirmed by the ministry on 26 February 2024.

The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection reiterated its commitment on 26 February 2024 to enhance collaboration in securing the rights and special protection of children belonging to the Outer Baduy tribe.

Ibu Ratna Oeni Cholifah, the ministry’s Assistant Deputy for Special Needs Children Protection, emphasised the necessity of collaboration among relevant agencies to safeguard Baduy children.

This collaborative effort marks a tangible step toward ensuring the fulfilment of rights and providing special protection for children from minority groups, Bu Cholifah highlighted.

Referring to Government Regulation Number 78 of 2021 on Special Protection for Children, Bu Cholifah outlined that access to cultural facilities and infrastructure, recognition of religion, and the use of their native language are integral forms of protection for children from minority communities.

In addition to these measures, protection efforts are aimed at ensuring children’s freedom from abusive, discriminatory, or otherwise unlawful behaviours, encompassing harmful labor practices and child marriage.

Bu Cholifah stressed the pivotal role of parents, society, and officials in Kanekes village, located in Lebak district, in guaranteeing that children are afforded their rights and shielded from all forms of abuse.

These protection measures are implemented with due regard to the traditions and cultures preserved by the Outer Baduy ethnic group, she underscored.

Source: Antara News