ICN presents a retelling the Batak folklore ‘Dayang Bandir and Sandean Raja’, Nilanka chronicles the characters’ intertwined journey in fighting for their own purpose.
The musical showcases the aftermath of a civil war in the late nineteenth century that saw the emergence of various family groups of the Batak tribe in North Sumatra.

ICN Cultural Production is an annual musical theatre production that brings a new perspective on Indonesian folklore and history to the Singapore community. ICN is organized by the Indonesian Students of Nanyang Technological University or Pelajar Indonesia NTU (PINTU). Since its first public performance in 2007, it has grown to be a professional student-run musical theatre performance. 


To book tickets and find out more about the musical/cast go to the event’s main page: https://show.icnmusical.com/#

To view the 2020 Title Release go the ICN musical got to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0a0QYFXHT0


Hasea, Played by Michelle Doreen Surja

Arta, Played by Abhirama Radhitya Sant

Drama Centre Theatre
National Library Building Level 3
100 Victoria Street Singapore 188064
Saturday, 8 February 2020
2:30 pm & 7:30 pm